Ninety Four

Jan. 2nd, 2017 07:04 pm
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Why do I bother and why does this keep happening. "Later," I say. Later turns into eight months. As is, everything other than the fanlisting updates took place within the last two weeks, so that's more a case of nothing to report.

Nothing noteworthy, but I made a new temporary page for, since I never got round to it last time. I might try to make a layout from this one... eventually.

Nevarra had a couple of updates in the form of projects for 2017! For the first time ever I managed to complete something on this page, so I went ahead and gave it a look over. My Old Kingdom tribute is next in the pipeline, but it'll remain a slow, steady slog - but as I wrote a Nanworimo opus based in this universe, it will be done. Very, very slowly.

Aside from Old Kingdom, I'm teasing ideas with making a tribute for Prompto from Final Fantasy XV, but his will be a slower sort of thing. We'll see if anything else comes out this year as a surprise? You never know.

As of yesterday, has a brand new layout for the new year! This one features the cast of XV, because regardless of what Square says, they will remain part of Fabula Nova Crystallis in my heart. Anyways, since I hadn't made a layout in about eight months I didn't do anything fancy with this one in terms of coding - it's very lazily swiped from the last variant with different fonts and more recent preferences. However, I'm all for the simplicity. It's nice; it turned out better than I expected and serves my XV needs for the time being.

Hold onto your hats, folks, Rems actually completed a thing! That being, Promises, my tribute for the lovely Serah Farron from Final Fantasy XIII, is now online and is complete! Well, mostly - there's a media section I might add if I feel like it, and I still need to list her everywhere, but she's here and she's ready for your views. This one has been a long, long process of maybe four or six years, but it wasn't until 2016 when I got of my butt and actually made some plans and outlines when I was approved for her fanlisting.

The layout is the same as it was, though it was always made with this tribute in mind. I'm very pleased! It's been a lot of work, but I've proved to myself I'm capable of doing it. Awyea.

Kagero from Fire Emblem Fates
Oboro from Fire Emblem Fates
Orochi from Fire Emblem Fates
Paige Matthews from Charmed
Shigure from Fire Emblem Fates

Minnie Mouse from Disney (codes)

Ninety Two

May. 5th, 2016 12:55 am
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My tribute to the Old Kingdom series by Garth Nix is now online over at Does The Walker Choose The Path?! With the longest title ever, oops. The site is a part of Amassment's Construction Zone and as such there's very little to see at the moment aside from the layout, the index, the linking buttons and credits, and is a work in progress (my focus is with Serah), but I'm hoping to add to it! This is quite an undertaking since it's a large universe to write about, but we'll see how I go. I have a few ideas of what I'd like to write about in depth as well as a site outline, so it's full speed ahead. Or, slow speed ahead.

A small update for Destino of some link fixing and adding up the fanlisting to the site; I also played a bit with the coding to improve legibility (the font size is bigger and the line spacing is larger now, since that's what I like to do these days).

Assassin's Creed: Syndicate
Kairi from Kingdom Hearts, my other top wishlister ♥
Old Kingdom series by Garth Nix

CLOVER by CLAMP (layout, codes, content rewrite)
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End of the year updates round-up, since I fell out of using this journal again (oops). There's been a lot of changes so I'll try to make this as concise as possible. As always, you can find to-the-minute updates over at [ profile] fracturedkey!

This year was the tenth anniversary of fractured, but with it coming up for renewal, I decided to go for something fresh. I've started going by the new alias of Rems and purchased the domain, which is now my network hub! The first version features Commander Jane Shepard from Mass Effect, as I finally got into the series in summer (and I love that image, dayum).

Everything was updated accordingly and everything on the domain was revamped in some way, whether it be information, contact, 404 pages and just about everything else. There's new linking buttons too for those who haven't noticed; fractured will be expiring in the next few months.

For the best part of eight years I have been hosted by godaddy, but have decided to make the move to namecheap, and in early December everything was migrated from one server to another. Everything is essentially done, except for what's on keyofdestiny, which, like fractured, is another domain I will be letting go of (all my KH related content will be moving onto cieth) - I'm hoping to do this in the new week or two. Along with the move to a brand new server, I also bought another (yep) domain,, to keep everything neatly organised. At the moment, I have no long term plans for it, but it does host several of my FFXIII fanlistings that are related to the Farron sisters in some way.

Florete expired and I settled with in order to replace it (so many new domains, I'm sorry). The layout features Panne, the domain's namesake, and though again, I have no real long term plan for it, I do actually have some content on there! Gasp.

Said content on taguel, Even the Odds is a Fire Emblem class clique, using the classes Robin (and Morgan) can change to in Awakening, due to the ease of using Awakening sprites to have some consistency. Please do join if you're interested!

Max Caulfield & Chloe Price from Life is Strange, co-owned with Larissa!

Lightning & Serah Farron from Final Fantasy XIII (layout)
Mickey, Donald, Goofy: The Three Musketeers (layout & codes)
Sazh Katzroy & Oerba Dia Vanille from Final Fantasy XIII (layout & codes)
Tsukiyomi Ikuto from Shugo Chara! (layout)

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