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rems. ([personal profile] requiems) wrote in [community profile] lumas2013-04-05 02:56 pm

Seventy Five

My computer of almost four years crashed out. At first, it was just the power cable - common problem with the model - then after working for five minutes after that was fixed, it promptly died. Thanks for that.

Anyway, everything has been moved over to my new laptop and during this process I noticed an issue with the latest version of Firefox coupled with me using Windows 7 as an OS; the font Arial Narrow refused to be displayed. This is due to Windows 7 grouping them into families, but Firefox cannot read them the same way as they used to. However! There was a workaround, so I've been through the coding on each of my sites and fanlistings and everything should again be displaying as it should in Firefox.

Chrome and other browsers, as far as I can tell, are unaffected.