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rems. ([personal profile] requiems) wrote in [community profile] lumas2013-02-15 02:10 am

Where am I?

Welcome to lumas! This is the update journal of Rems ([personal profile] requiems), the webmistress of,, and

An update journal is just as it sounds. This lists site updates. I also have an update twitter - it's over at [ profile] fracturedkey, if you want to follow it - but this allows much more in depth updates. However, if you want updates up to the minute, then following the twitter is the best bet! But of course feel free to subscribe to this community, as well.

I am very, very bad at updating my updates journal, ironic as it seems. I'd highly recommend following the twitter. Really.

If you want to see archived updates, head on over to [ profile] lumaboop.