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rems. ([personal profile] requiems) wrote in [community profile] lumas2015-03-11 06:23 pm

Eighty Seven

Softly Call also has a new layout! As much as I loved Nilin, I felt it was time for a change (especially as with a slower internet connection these days, oh, how it hated that layout) and so went for something smaller. And darker. You know me and dark layouts - they don't generally mix well together, but I actually came up with something I rather like and the more time that passes, the more I like it, so I call that a success. This layout features Cassandra's romance tarot from Dragon Age: Inquisition (because I have a warrior Thing, it seems).

On a slightly different front, I'm considering majorly cutting back on my fanlistings. I'm not much into animanga these days except for the firm favourites, so I'm considering hacking back on all of them except for CLOVER, and also cutting down on some of the songs, Fire Emblem fanlistings, and what not to go back down to under forty and just keep the current interests active. We'll see, though, but it's looking like a yes right now.